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If you follow me on instagram @ldb_studios and watch my stories , you prbably realised that I have gone totally insane waking up before 5am every day! But hear me out!

I am an avid believer of the law of attraction and I am always endlessly searching for many ways for self-development as an Entrepreneur. I searched and searched on youtube ways how to be effective as an artist and a business owner and of course a whole new level of success!

So I typed in the search box “successful people routine”, it was an eye opener! The search and countless hours of every single video gave me inspiration to do the same! I have now found “hours” in a day that I was struggling to look for.

So let me share with you what I have learned and applied in the last month and I never felt better and more accomolished!

1) I set my alarm at 4:45am giving me time to wake up by turning on my lamp. Luckily Ed is already at work (or out fishing) at this hour so I don’t have to worry about waking him up.

2) I train my brain and still working on it is to “give thanks” to whatever I was thankful for, I try not to think about my to do list or the goals that i haven’t done the day before. I make aure that gratitude is the first thing that comes to mind, you’ll be surprised how this changes the course of your day.

3) While sipping my coffee in my home office and alone, I fill in my journal. I list all the ten things that I am thankful for and why, it was a struggle at start but it comes easy now thinking about little things we take for granted daily like the food we eat, the air we breath, the people in our lives, the early morning sunrise, and more.

4) By 6am I have to be out of the house and chase the sunrise on the Waterfront, I take a good 45 minute walk and 15 minutes to enjoy watching the sun takes its forst peek of the world! It is an amazing experience and I ak so blessed to live a minute walk from the waterfront.

5) If I feel like treating myself with coffee and the best Muffin in town, I stop by at Tommy’s. They bake their own Muffin and it is divine! Each day they will have different kinds so it is quiet exciting when i stopn by and ask what’s the Muffin of the day!

6) As soon as I get home I tune to my favourite 10 manifestation meditation just to prqctice to live in the “now” it is difficult but really relaxing!

7) I give myself enough time to relax, by 8am I should be ready to work on my forst hoal of the day!

I could not begin to imagine all the work that can be done, and I find myself that I have a lot of time in my hands to do extra stuff during the day like family time and such or any leisure things that I want to do.

So If you want to have a productive life and add more hours to your is how I found mine!

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