A Message to our valued clients regarding COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 situation continues, we would like to inform our clients that in alignment with the Government and Health Authority Guideline we are doing our utmost to provide a clean environment for our clients. Our studio chairs and other equipments are cleaned after every session. As per our Newborn props they are also cleaned and blankets are washed after every session (has always been prior to this pandemic). Hygiene has always been our priority to protect our staff and our clients. Our studio has always been sprayed with disinfectant daily and chairs and tables are wiped with disinfectant and hand sanitisers and alcohol has always been visible to clients and available to clients as they come in to our studio.

Because of the rising spread of COVID-19 LDB Studio rules will take place immediately:

General Studio Shoots

1. EVERYONE entering the studio must wash their hands in our sink with the provided soap and water.

2. If you are experiencing any signs of illness such as cough, colds, fever etc please call the studio at 0468448942 and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.

3. If you have recently travelled anywhere outside Australia within the last 14 days please call the studio at 0468448942 and we can reschedule your appointment two weeks after.

4. Please cover your mouth with tissue (provided in studio) when sneezing or clearing your throat and put in the bin asap.

POP-IN Monthly Portraits Workflow Practice

1. Register at our regular Check-In staff and write your name and mobile number on the form, return to your car or wait outside for your turn. We are complying with social distance protocol issued by the Health Authority for at least 1.5 metres.

2. Our assistant will call you when it's your child's turn to be photographed, it will also give us time to disinfect the chair in between shoots.

3. Upon entering the studio ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS and Kids are asked to disinfect their hands prior to your shoot, this will help us prevent spreading any germs around.

4. For Poppets under 4 months old, please bring your own blanket during your Pop-In shoot, Pop-In regulars was emailed by head office regarding this new policy.

5. If you or child is unwell please login to www.popinphotos.com.au to reschedule your Pop-In shoot.

6. As much as I love cuddles we have been instructed by head office to keep the touching a minimal and have been asked for the parents to securely put their child on the chair, of course in case of a possible lean over fall you can insure that I will support your child.

On Location Shoots-The Best Option for Family Portraits in this COVID19 Climate

1. Perfect practice for Social Distancing

2. Fresh Air and beautiful scenery to enjoy an afternoon of laughter and fun

What we are doing to help prevent the spread of COVID 19

We clean our studio after every session with products that are certified that can kill and minimise the spread of infectious diseases.

We also provide hospital grade alco foams for clients to clean their hands before entering the studio, our studio is disinfected with spray Glen 20 giving a clean odour and killing germs at the same time.

And YES we have lots of toilet paper......to stay in the studio for clients and not to take home! lol

LDB Studios and staff pride themselves in taking extra step to educate ourselves on how to combat and prevent the spread of COVID19, so I myself and my assistant Michael has completed a course to further educate ourselves to help us minimise the spread of any infectious disease.

Our certificate of Acknowledgement that we have studied the Infectious Control Training specifically for COVID-19 issued by the Australian Government Department of Health is attached below and will be displayed in our studio.

I hope that this information about how we operate during this times of uncertainty will give you confidence to go about our normal routine as humanly as possible but with great precaution. We thank you for your cooperation and we can't wait to see you all. Luisa

Thank you everyone for your kind cooperation and I look forward to seeing you and your family. If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Take Care of yourselves and each other, we will ride this out!

Talk soon,


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