My Family's Portrait Session.....

If you have a family like mine, organizing a family portrait session is a nightmare! With two girls who live out of the house (one in Sydney and one on the north end with a toddler) getting together is near impossible.

Last weekend my step daughter Trish who lives in Sydney texted me and said, I will be visiting tomorrow so that we can quickly do our family portraits. I got really excited because I have been wanting to update our photos for the last year and we haven't been very successful due to everybody's schedule.

Planning what to wear was a challenge as no one was prepared for this shoot, so I just told everyone to wear solid colors and it wouldn't matter what color it is, it just so happened that we all had black, white and grey which was perfect. Our little one did have a change of outfit three times.....and of course she is the star of this shoot.

So we had a good 90 minutes to whip this session up, then off to dinner for my sister's birthday dinner. I have taken all of these images from a Pro Kit courtesy of Olympus Australia OMD Mirrorless Camera, first time I have used this unit and I have to admit I am loving it.

We had so much fun on our session and I did take a bit of moving pictures on how the day went, I couldn't be any happier with the results but the most part is the memories we shared during this quick but amazing afternoon we shared as a family.

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