Before 5 am Series: Instalment 1

If you follow me on Instagram @ldb_studios and watch my stories, you probably realised that I have gone totally insane waking up beefier 5am everyday! But hear me out, there is a reason behind this magical practice.

Because I am the business and I mostly do everything, besides taking photos and editing, there is more to a photographer than just clicking the shutter. Behind the scenes of a day in life of a photographer, there are client calls, client meetings, billing, chasing invoices, blogging, advertising, marketing, self development, further education, networking etc. I could go on all day if I have to list everything but let's not today. So I am endlessly searching ways how to maximise my day and adding hours to my day to just get the basics done. So here comes my favourite search engine google and your tube. I typed in "successful entrepreneurs daily routine"......and I struck gold! I mean seriously this is more than gold to me as it did not only lead me to priceless information on how successful do it, it also stirred me to motivational speeches and affirmations to keep your goals in focus. So here is what I found:

1) Wake up before 5am. At first I told myself ...yeah right! If you are one of those who are like me, I LOVE MY SLEEP MORE THAN MY FOOD! There is nothing like total bliss than sleeping in specially during rainy days or winter, it is my heaven on earth. So I decided that day that I was going to try it out and see how long it will last. So I set my alarm at 4:45am giving me enough time to actually wake up by turning on my lamp. Luckily Ed (my husband) is already at work by then or out fishing so I am not worried about waking him up or disturbing his sleep. I tell you It is so tempting to hit the "SNOOZE" button and I have to admit I have done this a few times in the last month and boy did I regret it.

2) I train my brain as soon as I wake up to "give thanks" (I'm still working on it though and is a work in progress), I mentally think of the things that I am thankful for and I work on my I AM (positive affirmation). I won't touch my phone and refrain from social media, emails or any "problem solving" issues in the morning as I use this time for peace, reflecting and time being alone. I do make sure that gratitude will be the first thing that comes out of my mouth and mind. You will be amazed how your day turns out in your favour.

3) While sipping coffee at around in my home office, where there is peace and quiet I fill in my daily journal while I enjoy my daily dose of caffeine. In that journal I write every morning 10 things that I am grateful for and why. At the beginning I had difficulty because all I can think of is the struggles and problems, by doing this journal it will teach your brain to focus on the positives by looking for everyday blessings that we take for granted. The air we breathe, the clean water, the food we eat, the people in our lives, the early morning sunrise, another chance in life etc. I could go on forever, but let's not today. Everyday when I get excited listing my 10 things to be grateful for is not enough as I have so many comparing to the first days that I have started struggling to even list 3!

4) By 6am I have to be out of the house and catch the sunrise at the Waterfront. I am so lucky I live only minutes away from the waterfront giving me access to a gorgeous view, I walk for an average 45 minutes per day giving another 15 minutes to watch the sunrise at the Jetty. It is a total bliss watching the sun takes its first peek and greet the world.

5) If I feel like treating myself because I have hit my goals the day before I stop by at the best cafe in the Gosford Waterfront Tommy's and get their coffee and Muffin of the day. It is freshly baked daily and they have different types everyday.

6) By around 7am I usually get home and tune to my favourite 10 minute abundance manifestation meditation, I like to keep it short and simple so that it won't drag the day. Studies shows even 5 minute powerful meditation can improve your day. Below I have linked to the specific video that I listen to everyday. I usually sit in my massage chair while listening to this short guided meditation.

7) I usually give myself to reflect, relax and rest till about 7:30am so that by 8:00am I should be ready to tackle with an open and positive mind. with whatever the days throws me, I am ready positively to the situation rather than negatively. I have been living this journey for over a month now and it has changed my life for the better, I learned to respond with challenges with positivity everyday and let it not ruin my whole day. By having this early morning routine daily, I am much more prepared and have gained almost 3 hours out of my days to tackle my daily life as a Photographer!

I would love to hear from you what your daily routines are and why it has worked for you?

Talk soon,


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