Five Reasons why Wedding Video Highlights is a must investment!

According to Bride to Be Magazine Australia survey the average cost of Weddings here in Australia is about $65,482 but when your budget is below that you know you have to cut down on your "wedding wants" and concentrate on your "wedding needs".This really sucks as this is a once in a life time affair and you just want to have everything to relive your day to its truest form.

Planning a wedding is indeed a stressful time for the couple, and this stage alone will test your patience and discipline. Let's face it, when deciding ways to capture your wedding day couples are faced to choose between Wedding Photography and Videography and some couples are lucky enough to get both.

But what If your Wedding Budget will only fully stretch to getting one or the other?

Ask your Photographer If they offer the "Hybrid" Package where you can get a short video highlights as your wedding day unfolds, I know a brilliant photographer in Ontario, Canada Taylor Jackson who offers just this (yup he films and takes photos at the same time). An awesome guy and a brilliant artist. More and more Video Studios like ours, now offers Wedding Video Highlights for a fraction of the cost of a full wedding video.

1. Fraction of the cost of a full wedding video

Don't get me wrong, If I had to do it all over again I would love to have our Wedding professionally recorded in moving pictures, I want to see my husband reaction while I walk down the aisle, I wanted to hear his voice as he recites his wedding vows, I want to see all the emotions unfolding that day. But when you are strapped with dough for your Big Day and can't fork out an extra couple of grand.....Wedding Video Highlights is the way to go!

2. Short and Sweet

If I have to watch a whole hour or more of a Wedding Video it better be mine! There's nothing more boring than watching a whole wedding unfold unless it's your own or your family and maybe your best friend! You are more than welcome to correct me on that one! Wedding Video Highlights is the perfect way to showcase your wedding and show your friends and family or even the whole world in 4-6 minutes of your Wedding Day. It can easily be shared through social media, uploaded on your you tube channel or just email to loved ones across the globe.

3. Reliving your day

Photography can indeed relive your wedding day, captures emotions and an image can say a million words. But with the Wedding Highlights video, you get to see a lot of things happening that you missed that day. A lot of my couples regret not getting just even the video highlights.

4. It captures the movement and organic transition of your wedding day

Photography and Moving Pictures are totally different mediums to capture a couple's Happy Ever After and both are equally important to have on your wedding day. Nowadays videography is one recording medium that is always second choice, due to wedding budget limits. There's no other medium who can record important transition of the couples action during the day. The way the Groom's facial expression changes from the anticipation of seeing his Bride for the first time, to actually seeing her walking towards him, how a Father's face change from an expression of excitement to breaking into tears as he sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding gown. No other medium can record that transition as flawlessly captured without missing a frame.

5. Wedding Video Highlight is included in our 2019 Wedding Package Promo!!!

With this 2019 Wedding Collection PROMO, you don't even have to think about it as it is INCLUDED in our package, yes the Wedding Video Highlight, Albums, Wood Panel Print, Personal Mobile App and a lot more. The only question you need to ask us is......ARE YOU AVAILABLE ON OUR WEDDING DATE?

Click on the link below to view our Wedding Highlight Video:

To know more details about our Wedding Video Highlights please contact us at

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