The beginning of my journey as a Photographer.....

It all began in my home town Philippines! I came home to attend my 25th High School reunion for St. Theresa's College Cebu City, as I was roaming around the shops with one of my BFF's I have mentioned that I have always wanted to purchase a DSLR and was wondering If it would be cheaper buying it there than buying it at duty free. Christin quickly rang a friend of hers who owns COLOURS camera store in Ayala Mall. I have purchased an entry level Canon Rebel 1000D my very first DSLR camera.

The camera sat in its box for nearly 3 months after I purchased it, I had no idea how to turn it on and what dials meant, I had no clue what auto meant, P mode, M mode, AP mode and so forth. It was such a difficult time for me to stare at this thing not knowing how to use it. SO I left it in the box for another few days as I was not game enough to spend hours trying to figure it out how to use it.

The Day I Learnt How to Shoot

So one day in September 2012 I had to make that decision, either to bite the bullet and learn the camera or sell it! I didn't opt for the latter, instead I went on youtube and searched how to use a DSLR Camera Canon 1000D, thousands of youtube videos later, I have decided to learn to shoot in manual. Than that's how I started and learned how to use my camera....I went to Youtube University. There's a lot of resources on this site from anything you can think of. I still use youtube to date to search for reviews, branding, marketing, and anything about the business. Youtube is a big part of who I am today as a Photographer.

I will share with you in anther blog how I went from a Novice to Professional. I hope you find this article inspiring and push you to follow your dreams......

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