Central Coast Wedding Photographer- Finding "that" Dress

I could truly understand the frustration of Brides to Be looking for "that" perfect dress that will make you feel comfortable all day! Today I felt that frustration!

My daughter is getting married in August and I still haven't had the chance to find the dress that won't make me look "Matrony", "Motherly" or simply Grannie looking frocks! Oh hell no, I would rather wear dress pants If won't find anything that fits my difficult body form. This is actually the worst day to do fittings as I just got back from Cebu. Philippines after a 13 day feast and 12 night alcohol consumption. But I had to bite the bullet as I am really running out of time looking at my International Wedding Schedule!

So, after a much fun business trip back home to Cebu, Philippines I decided to bite the bullet and visit the #1 Brides Choice Award Central Coast 2016 Bridal Couture- Brides to Be located in Somersby which is about 15 minutes away from my home. It has been 10 years since I shopped for formal dresses for a very special occasion,

As I walked in the shop in the midst of a heat wave I was greeted by Claire who owns the shop, she directed and accompanied me upstairs where they keep the Bridesmaids and "Mother of the Bride" formal wear.

As I walked up the stairs my favourite colour "Rose Gold" caught my eye, I was determined to fit that dress no matter what, I have six months to starve myself so I took the plunge and tried it on.

Being in the wedding industry for years from Wedding Planning to Photography I know that sizes of the Bridal Gowns and Formals are always a size up, meaning If I was a size 12 I would need to try on a size 14.....ouch, that really hurt my ears!!!!

If you have insecurities of your body structure, which I honestly admit I have it big time, trying on fitted gowns is a NO NO, I know I would spend hours looking every single ounce of fat hanging off my petite body.

I chose this particular gown simply because, it has cap sleeves (to cover my oversized arms), rose gold (my favourite colour for now) and it is formal enough but won't overshadow the Bride LOL.

I admit I have a few kilos to loose before my daughter's wedding so I was quite confident to try on my size and work from there, surprise surprise it fit! It wasn't a pretty sight being heavy on my belly (lots of beers and food 2 weeks prior and being Insulin resistant doesn't help either) but I felt comfy in this dress and the "imperfections" is workable!! This is it, I have found "that" dress!

Sorella Vita gown, Modern Metallic in Rose Gold is what I chose! It is very forgiving and it just fit me, felt like I am wearing the dress and not the other way around. I have a lot of hard work to do loosing weight and trimming inches but it's workable........

I have had a great experience with Brides to Be in Somersby, Claire was so helpful having me fit as many dresses as I can to make sure that I was happy with my decision. We joked around and even interacted with other customers. There was no high pressure selling, customer service was at it's best and she made me feel comfortable all throughout my experience in finding that dress which I thought I wouldn't find that day, but I did!

As I exited the Boutique and still chit chatting with Claire, I spotted their plaque from Brides Choice Award which I attended October last year....they won #1 last year!

I highly recommend this boutique for all those who are looking for any formal wear or wedding attire, they are warm, friendly and most of all no high pressure selling!

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