Purchase your session through our online booking system
Session Fees varies depending on what's on offer, your session fee will include your sitting fee and $100 print credit towards any print or product.
OR If you were gifted/won/ bought a Gift Voucher simply contact the studio at 0468448942 or email us to schedule your photography session


Once your session has been booked we will send you a Welcome pack through email, it will include your Portrait Guide on what to wear and what to expect and appointment details on date, time and location of your session.

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If your session will take place in the studio, we will arrange a date and time for you to come in for your design appointment. This is the time that you will see, feel and ask questions about what products we offer. We have a vast studio samples and see what suits you best in your end product goal. If your session will be in our studio your design appointment will take place right after your session, this will take about 10-15 minutes of your time. 

Photography Exhibit


Your Photography Session!!!

This is the fun part so relax and enjoy your time with your family! 

After your session, clients you has done their step 3 (design appointment)face to face will have the option to have their viewing/ordering appointment online via online gallery. Client will have 3 days to finalize their order. If you had your step 3 (design appointment) done over the phone, you will have to come in to the studio for your viewing/ordering session unless your session will be at the studio

Viewing Session!
This is the time where you get to see your images for the very first time.
Clients you has done their design appointment over the phone will have to come in the studio to view their images unless their session is in the studio. 
Clients who has done their design appointment face to face or their session in the studio can opt to have their viewing/ordering via online. 



After 3-4 (could be longer due to COVID delays) weeks your product will arrive at our studio. A final inspection will done to make sure that every order is correct and produced perfectly. Once your products are packaged we will give you a call to arrange pick up or delivery! 
Please be advised that due to the current global pandemic it may take longer for your product to arrive please be patient, I promise you it will be worth it. 

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